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The River Valley Chorus is made up of men from all walks of life who have one thing in common. We love to sing. We sing a variety of songs in 4-part harmony.

We sing music in the Barbershop Harmony style; four part harmony, sung a cappella. In our chorus, one group of men, sings each of the four parts: a melody part that sings the tune, and three other parts that sing harmony.


We get together to practise every Tuesday night! Drop in. Join us in a song. Visitors welcome!



There’s no bad day that can’t be overcome by listening to a barbershop quartet; this is just truth, plain and simple
— Chuck Sigars
2015 Sunrise Division

Small Chorus Champions!

River Valley Chorus performing Yes Sir, That's My Baby at the 2015 Fredericton Music Festival.

Our Director


We're pleased to have Christine Freeman back to direct our group for the second year. 

Christine (Chris) has been involved in barbershop music for the last 35 years "And I love it today and much as I did when I first started !!" says Chris. "It’s a style of music that gets in your blood and seems to stay there".

Chris is also the co-director of a ladies chorus, the Elm City Echoes as well as the bass in the Meadowlarks quartet.
She is a local piano and music theory teacher and participates in church and handbell choirs.

"While I like knitting, reading, gardening, sewing, and roaming the beach at my cottage, my first love is barbershop music. The sounds of well-matched voices and lined up chords can send chills up your spine"

Doing barbershop has made us all better singers. When we hit just the right chord together, there’s no better feeling.
— Jonny Morroni